Note Cards.

7 January, 2013 § Leave a comment

IMG_7281At the turn of the old year into the new, we decided to sit down
at our new-to-us table (leftover sparkles, glue stains, chipped paint and all)
after spicy egg & toast & ginger tea meal
and, each with a stack

of blank 3 x 5 note cards at our side,
kept our hand hovered secretly over the words as
we scribbled out 12 ideas for potential, never-before experienced
events, activities or dares to share together —

1 plus 1 creating 2 surprise adventures for
every month out of the calender year.
I made sure to keep them idea-side down.

No peeking allowed.

Folded them, wrote the name of the writer on the top
so we could make sure to draw fairly and equally at the start of every month,
then tucked the taped notes away in our blue communion vessel.

I am in love with the idea of
inherently unknown yet concretely happening
surprises to be lived into in the weeks ahead.


Me to him) let’s be intentional about carving out
and then protecting space for the other to
spend a long chunk of quality one-on-one time with a friend
outside of our marriage (note: this could include out-of-state friends)
Him to me) let’s discover a coffee shop we’ve never
set foot in before and then either
a) have a reading date in the shop or
b) get our drinks to go and find a new park to explore with chai in hand


January’s notes tacked on to our fridge —
brief (2-3 lines) stories will soon join until the entire side is covered


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