Getting It Done.

25 June, 2012 § Leave a comment

(Z likes to poke gentle fun at my intense love for all things
folky and bluegrassy when it comes to listening choices —
but sometimes I think I just can’t help it.
Sam Beam, Sufjan, Gillian, Kate Rusby, Deb Talan, and so many others:
you are my happy place).

So my housemates and I decided to take on a neighborhood
storytelling project of epic and colorful proportions.
When we first moved into this part of the inner city,
many people (friends and strangers included) made
observations about the negative attributes of the people,
the surroundings, and even the houses themselves on our street.
Our new home was located in a place that others
often went out of their way to avoid.
The longer we’ve been here, however, the more we’ve come
to taste and see and know of the goodness —
the resilience and beauty and color and loyalty and creativity —
that permeates our neighbors’ reality just as much
as the stereotypes with their kernel of truth.

Thankfully, we didn’t fully know what we were embracing
when we first started — but now, over 40+ hours of
26-foot long wall and hot sun and paint mixtures
and creaking metal ladders
and stale water and laughing kids and
lending hands from neighbors old and young
and crusty paintbrushes and gridlines and Sharpies
and ideas and sweat later…
it’s coming together. It really is.


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