Overheard on the Bus.

22 March, 2012 § Leave a comment

Bus Driver: It’s bad. In our society these days, everyone is just wanting to do their own thing. We just want to plug our ears and do our own thing — and no one communicates. But we need each other. It’s one of the reasons why God said it isn’t good for man to be alone.

Woman in Wheelchair: No. No, no, no. People tired. I’m sick and tired of people.

Bus Driver: Uhh. We all need a help meet.

Woman in Wheelchair: When I came back from the war and I got stuck in this chair all the time, all I face now is troubles. It’s just the black folk, too. Everyday. Trouble upon trouble.

Bus Driver: Uhuh, baby, it’s everybody. Don’t go putting a sticker on yourself like that. It’s all of us that got troubles and it’s all of us that need help.

Woman in the Wheelchair: (references earlier incident where man stumbled and dropped all his change down the aisle after swiping his bus card) Well. He deserved it. He’s a grown man and it’s his own fault. And I’m gonna laugh at him if I want. Ha!

Bus Driver: But see, you gotta flip the switch and see, that could be me. And then — it ain’t so funny no more. And see, God says we just have to keep our eyes open to see the blessing in disguise. First we thank Him for the small ones we stumble over in our path and then, one day at a time, our vision begins to increase and to widen — and we see Him more and more clearly at work in the world around us.

Woman in Wheelchair: Yeah, well, no one helps me. I go to climb up the wheelchair ramp into buses like this one every day. Sometimes I almost fall off — shit, sometimes I do fall — and in front of a whole bus of people. Who stands up to help me? No one. Who offers to pick me up? No one. So I can damn well laugh at whoever I want.

Bus Driver: But you had someone help you today. (pauses) Mhmm. Everything you see ain’t really what it is, baby. Sin makes all of us mess up. But if you have Christ in your life, you can quickly say, “I’m sorry,” and come back. You can always come back.



all photos taken in march 2012


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