Hunting and Foraging in a Whole New Light.

23 November, 2010 § Leave a comment

I’ve never before lived in a place (and in the inner-city of Houston to boot!) where golden brown pecans litter the ground in such an abundant windfall – but I love it. The dark, chipped husks rival in number with the accompanying pieces of broken glass, cigarette butts and oil spills strewn everywhere along our neighborhood streets. Many of the nuts are still in perfect condition so, earlier this week, one of my roommates and I went for a nut-foraging jaunt in the surrounding block or two. Less than thirty minutes passed before we tramped back up the circular wooden stairs to our home with 101 whole and unbroken pecans in our triumphant grasp. Take that, over-priced Walmart snack shelves.


Last night’s modern adaptation of hunting and gathering, however, took the proverbial cake when it comes to ingenious ways of grocery shopping. In preparation for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, all six of my roommates and I have pooled together our resources, issued over 30 excited invitations and plotted out the specific ingredients for favorite family recipes as we get ready to host the year’s biggest, most diverse, loudest and feast-iest neighborhood dinner of all time — at least, until we Christmas or Easter rolls around. Anyways, our Sunday afternoon ritual of divvying up laundromat and grocery store responsibilities was further heightened this weekend as Zachary, Carter, Becky and I tag-teamed it, scrawled measurements in hand, through the crowded, Latino-dominated aisles of our favorite Fiesta store.


Although a heavy load, it’s typically feasible for two people to carry home a week’s worth of groceries in our trusty green and blue reusable food bags via the 37 bus line. This time around, one thing led to another and with all the extra supplies invested in for the imminent Thanksgiving celebration, dusk found us eschewing the cushy comforts of the bus. Instead, for the next hour or so, we proceeded to wheel our guffawing way through the winding streets of two different neighborhoods with filched shopping cart in tow; even our combined effort had proven to be insufficient when it came to navigating the 37 with all the bags. Piled high with turkeys, eggs, flour, sugar, corn syrup, sweet potatoes, cranberries, cream of mushroom soup cans, beans, celery, bread and more, I’m sure the sight of four white kids, two limping, two shoving and all sweating in November’s latent heat wave as we wrestled with that rattily chariot over uneven sidewalk cracks and abrupt curb endings, was a hilarious one.


O, man. What a time. Between the intense bargain-hunting, the grocery cart-pinching and the well-earned blister earning, I think we can now confidently claim our status as true inner-city dwellers. At last! I thought this day would never come…


(Crockett at dusk)


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