What’s That Expression Again? “Holy July, Batman?”

18 July, 2010 § Leave a comment

As my last several weeks on the job, not to mention the end of over 6 years spent living in western New York, have begun to wind down to an end, I find myself to be somewhat of a delinquent blogger. At the end of the day, there’s simply not enough rotations of the clock hands to fit in a combination of life lived to the fullest and blog posts that describe the activity thereof… the reality of this season of life’s imminent conclusion finally hit me yesterday – – and there may have been a wet sniff or two that echoed around in my increasingly denuded kitchen space and accompanied the careful wrapping of my beloved Fiesta bowls and plates in fabric scraps for packaging purposes.

However! As much as I would love to write about crossing “experiences I must have have before moving” off of my NY bucket list – – or lessons in hospitality, simplicity, and compassion that have been buttressed by readings from Lauren Winner, Thomas Merton, and Henri Nouwen – – or the catharsis found in giving away beloved belongings, not just the left-overs – – or even questions I have for Texas (“what will they think of a vegetarian,” for example, or, “will I be the only white girl on my street,” or even the simple, “should I pack sweaters or just toss mine in the ever-growing To Give Away pile?”)… well, why wax eloquent, or even nostalgic for that matter, when one can rely on a pictorial representation of July’s events for now? Why, indeed. Online photo albums it is.

Sure, sometimes it is great when, in prayer,
we can express to God just what we feel;
but better still when, in the act of praying, our feelings change.
Liturgy is not, in the end, open to our emotional whims.
It repoints the person praying,
taking him somewhere else.
– – Lauren Winner


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