Dear February, Where Have You Gone? Love, Kate.

23 February, 2010 § Leave a comment

Seriously. As the title of this post indicates, the past two or three weeks have absolutely flown by. I’m not quite sure what to chalk it up to – – maybe an unusually steady stream of house-guests (trust me, I loved every one of them and their various presences in my life and, more particularly, in my house confirmed my long-suspected suspicion that I really miss living with other people) or a busier pace at work or a fuller personal schedule – – but March is almost knocking at the door now while I could have sworn that last time I checked, September was still sitting at my kitchen table. Very curious.

Irregardless, I’ve been able to:

– enjoy a belated Valentime’s celebration with some of my co-workers, courtesy of a nearby eatery; the buffalo chicken salad was, as always, to die for

– be alternately fascinated, disgusted and enthralled by The Business of Being Born, a self-explanatory documentary, with half of my fellow book club members

– participate in some impromptu sledding à la plastic lid-style this past weekend (I don’t know about you, but I can barely remember the last time I laughed so hard as me and my other two friends skidded down the icy hill on our butts, the broken pieces of the tupperware lid sliding down behind us, let alone remember the last time I actually went sledding)

– continue working on the braided rug, although the persistent bumps have proven to be somewhat perplexing…

– hold an informal family photo-session with my pastor, Dave, his dear wife, Heather, and their two kids, Ben and Grace, whose energy was only surpassed by their adorable faces

– engage in a movie date with my little brother in Pennsylvania, courtesy of the phone and Netflix; Waking Ned Devine was watched and found excellent in both of our esteem

– go trespassing with one of my best friends on a trestle bridge that boasts of a height of 200+ feet and a length spanning the width of the Genesee River underneath its wooden slats… o, and did I mention that we were in the middle of the 820-foot long bridge when a transportation train came rattling over the bridge, cap-bedecked conductor waving merrily as he whooshed past our frozen forms?

– participate in two of four competitive honors interview weekends on campus; two down, two to go!

– go crazy on Etsy as I pursue my love of all things craft-y, antique-y and/or alternative decorating-y

– finish reading more Pulitzer Prize winners, including The Stone Diaries, Breathing Lessons, March and The Road – – I’m about to start Gilead and The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao

– begin to route out a potential road trip that will start in Vancouver, BC, early this summer and continue on down along the West coast, through Washington, Oregon, Utah, Nevada and California (meep!)

– and enjoy many an Indian, Italian, Ethopian, American and French meal with an equally innumerable amount of friends

At the end, all I can say is, February, you have been a good month.


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