Cut It, Twist It, Tie It, Sew It – – Dang It!

2 February, 2010 § 1 Comment

Over the past four or five years, I’ve accumulated a pile of old t-shirts which, although well-loved, are either too small or too stained and subsequently haven’t been able to see too much action outside of the top drawer in which they have been rubbing shoulders (literally) recently. Rather than foisting them off on a some unsuspecting New York college student who mistakes the coffee stains at the bottom of the hem for age-spots (“Sweet vintage number, dude!”), I decided to cut them up into strips of various length and try my hand at creating a braided rug.

Ahem. Given the fact that I tend to have the gardener’s equivalent to a black thumb when it comes to all things domestic or craft-oriented, I haven’t been holding my breath for the ultimate success of this project… but if nothing else, it’s provided me with a great conversation starter, an excuse to destroy something under the name of “art” and an opportunity to let my love of all things colorful run wild. If anyone has any tips on how to actually sew it together in concentric circles without creating a rug that begins to resemble a cloth bowl more than a floor adornment, your suggestions would be welcome.

I’m not saying, of course, that this dreaded bowl shape is taking place – – but neither am I saying that it’s not. Ponder that, all ye craft folk!

Photo de Jour

Just call me Crafty McCrafterson...
… or not.


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