Belated Wintry Antics: Josh, Kirsten & Willow Come for a Visit.

28 January, 2010 § Leave a comment

I was overjoyed – – yes, literally flowing over with good cheer – – when I received a phone call from my older brother several weeks ago. “What are you doing next Wednesday?” he asked. “Uh… working?” I responded with some puzzlement; after all, isn’t it a well-known fact that going to the workplace is what one does when one is gainfully employed? All philosophical or snarky questions about the nature of work, commitment and schedule aside, it turned out that Josh and Kirsten both had overlapping days of freedom in their mutual schedules and thought it might be a fun time to venture up to my neck of the woods. I, of course, promptly agreed to this plan and, with some hefty amount of glee, requested two days off from work.  As someone who can sometimes be guilty of falling into habits of the more workaholic persuasion, there’s nothing like the sense of I’m Playing Hooky to spice up some time with the family…

Anyways, my favorite married sibling and in-law showed up at my front door two weeks ago, emerging from their salt-stained vehicle with the Virginia license plates and toting along with them a ripe avocado, a glass jar of curry masala, two pillows and, best of all, a ridiculously lovable Airedale by the name of Willow.  Western New York being, well, western New York, we were not disappointed with the abundance of icy white stuff covering the ground. The photos that follow are from an afternoon spent traipsing around some neighboring fields and streams. Willow was in her best snow-loving, I’m-channeling-my-inner-sleigh-dog element; Kirsten was rocking my beloved and most colorful plaid wellies; Josh was doing his best impression of a “city” man agog at the “natural” wonders found in the “country” (please, I say, I know who you really are); and I – – well, needless to say, I was in my photo-taking glory.


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