Zee Be-be’s Shower! (she said in her best Franck voice)

18 January, 2010 § Leave a comment

If you have never had the (agreeably rather dubious) joy of partaking in the auditory delight that is Franck’s plummy, faux-Hungarian tones in Father of the Bride Two, the beauty of this post’s title will be lost on you.  Still – – I derive much amusement from hearing his voice in my head and that’s really all that matters, right? If nothing else, you can at least feast your eyes upon his comically coiffed hair and white-coated form in the accompanying photo to the left of this text.

The point remains that much of my day yesterday was spent arranging, decorating, rearranging, note-taking and, in general, fete-ing my dear friends Rachel and Alex in a baby shower celebrating the imminent arrival of their first baby – – an individual I lovingly like to refer to as “papoose.”  I’m not quite sure why Rachel thought I was dubbing her husband with a new nickname when she first read the title of my card (after all, isn’t Papoose universally known for being synonymous with Infant?) but that was a source of some amusement as well.

Thanks to Ginny’s decorating genius, the thematic tones of the party were exuberantly colorful yet remarkably tasteful. Bright wooden blocks, multi-colored crayons, mini cupcake containers overflowing with peanut M&Ms and baby socks stuffed with party favors served as the centerpieces on each of the 20 or so tables we had set up and large bouquets of helium-filled balloons served as a nice accent on the perimeter of the room. The final crowning touch? A swirled swathe of tri-colored streamers in appropriate primary colors. Slightly off-center but – – how much can you ask for when you’re simultaneously juggling sticky tape, three unwieldy rolls of streamer paper and a rickety stool? Symmetrical perfection is, after all, totally 2009 in the most blase sense of the term.

Although the newness of this whole baby-season, one in which an increasing amount of my friends seem to be existing, has yet to transition into the ordinary or the commonplace, it has been particularly wonderful to be a part of Rachel and Alex’s story, beginning with their collegiate single days and continuing throughout much of their dating history, engagement and wedding day into their first several years of marriage, including this very formative experience of becoming new parents for the first time. Congratulations, my friends!

Mom-o, Pops & Papoose Wright

Playing the “dirty diaper” game, ie,
an adult excuse to indulge in some healthy body humor

Clancey, one of the youngest but most enthusiastic
shower attendees

The so-called “decorating committee” – – ie,
one fabulous Ginny J. and one tag-along


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