Forging a New Leaf. Or… Something.

16 January, 2010 § Leave a comment

Our trick was to mouth words, sound
As if we knew what we would one day

Come to know, what would dawn

On us as sure as a centipede knows
What to do with its myriad legs.
– – from “Roygbiv,” F. D’Aguiar

The final tally for my Second And Now Complete Season of Fall Travel includes:

– connecting with high school students in the great states of
New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Vermont, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine (albeit with no moose sightings, much to my great disappointment), Colorado, New Mexico and Illinois

– attendance at 35+ college fairs and visits made to 91 high schools

– layovers in the packed airports of Georgia, Michigan, Indiana, Ohio and Minnesota

– numerous hours spent in over 19 different Paneras with innumerable amounts of French roast, Ethopian, Peruvian and hazelnut coffee consumed in said eatery

– tickets gained from over 32 different toll booths

– new passport stamps from Russia, Germany, Spain, Hungary, Kenya and Tanzania with additional thoroughfare through the Netherlands, Switzerland, France, the UK and Canada

– over 2,510 photos captured at various moments throughout September til November

– … and only the good Lord knows what else

    Now that we’re in an entirely different season of work, one much less prone to any sort of exciting tally (unless you’re absolutely dying to know the average hours spent in phone conversation per week or the typical barrage of words found in daily email correspondence on any given basis…), it’s time for a shifting in written focus. But to what? Options are as follows:

    • Pursuing a so-called “New Years Resolution” (sickening term, really)
      centering on a more regular routine of photo-journalistic habits,
      particularly now that the mundane has replaced the exploratory
      and deserves, no doubt, an equal amount of limelight
    • Regaining discipline in the area of both tracking and ruminating on
      present literary companions, whether they be noble (ie,
      Annie Dillard’s Inn at Pilgrim Creek) or playful
      (not the least of which would be Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire,
      the fourth and current read in J.K. Rowling’s ever contentious series)
    • Or maybe even divulging thoughts on topics such as new recipes
      like tonight’s dish o’ diced potatoes sauteed in garlic butter,
      thyme, oregano and parmesan;
      crafty projects like the remnants of old t-shirts
      turned into colorfully braided rugs;
      theological ponderings about the nature of Old Testament justice
      and New Testament prevenient grace;
      recently discovered auditory favorites,
      not the least of which is Joni Mitchell;
      and other mental flotsam and jetsam, captured from everyday life.

    Really, the sky – – or, at the very least, my computer battery
    and its patience with me as I crouch on the end of my sofa,
    angling my laptop at an awkward angle on my knees
    while I attempt to pick up a stray wireless signal
    from a nearby Internet router – – is the limit.

    Photo de Jour: 13 January 2010

    Josh, Kirsten and Willow come up from Virginia
    to play with me for two days – – and to pose for a family photo, snow-and-wellie style.


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