Day 35: Hitting up Philadelphia with Brother in Tow – –

19 October, 2009 § Leave a comment

– – in which the normal fall travel routine of solo excursion is delightfully interrupted by fraternal company.PA182370

Around noon today, I picked up my youngest brother from a conference he was so conveniently attending in Center City (aka downtown Philly) and we spent the rest of the day together. A lengthy conversation over omelettes, hot sauce and hash browns at IHOP was included as was the repeated listening of the new Swell Season album (hit that up, my friends, if you’ve not already done so) and a bit of an autumnal exploration in a nearby state park. Seeing as how the recent high school graduate now resides in D.C. with our mutual brother and sister-in-law, far, far away from my home in western New York, the chances we have to spend together are few and far between so… I loved every minute of it. As you can (or maybe can not…) imagine, quirkiness abounded.  And when I say quirkiness, I do mean a strange understanding that can only arise between two siblings with a similar bent towards verbal, mental and artistic oddity. Ha; if you only knew, my friends… but yes. Some things are better left to the imagination.

Photo of the Day
PA182373Really – – is any additional caption needed here?
I think not.

Back to the real world: 6 a.m. sharp tomorrow will mark the beginning of a busy Monday, one that includes an early morning bus station drop-off, four high school visits and a two hour drive down to Lancaster County where I will be recruiting until Friday. In more exciting news, however, it also marks the beginning of an end for me: the last week of fall travel! State-side, that is. Let me tell you, almost six and a half weeks after initially setting out on the open roads, I will be exceedingly grateful to shed the company of my well-loved, rather beat-up red suitcase… for about five days. Still – – five days of familiar walls, home-cooked food and freshly ground coffee is better than no days. “True? Of course true!”

Listen to “Strict Joy,” courtesy of NPR stream, here:


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