Day 18: Loveland, Greeley, Windsor & Wheat Ridge, CO. (Also known as The Morning from Hades and the Evening of Bliss).

1 October, 2009 § Leave a comment

P9291816Although today started off as a rather rubbish one – – seriously, it lived up to the “hump day” moniker in every way possible – – it ended off in a much more positive note.

Some of the Not-So-Great Moments:

– Spilling half a cup of water over the shirt I was hastily trying to iron before my first high school visit.

– Hitting 7 red lights in a row in less than half a mile.

– Sitting in a construction zone for close to six minutes without moving.

– Arriving late for my first high school visit…

– … only to have the guidance counselor inform me (for the first time) that I would be talking to their entire high school student body…

– … following the presentations of four reps from other Christian liberal arts colleges, most of which were within forty-five minutes from the Pacific Ocean. Awesome. Curiously, we’re within an hour and a half drive from Lake Erie didn’t seem to hold the same appeal.

– Leaving that first high school half an hour later than planned and missing my second visit altogether.

– Missing the turn for my third high school visit which then necessitated pulling a U-y across four lanes of traffic, and in front of a po-po, nonetheless.

– Having no time to eat lunch and then walking into an office that smelled like mouth-watering Italian home-cooking.

– Losing my name-tag for about four and a half hours.

– Accidentally insulting the assistant principal of a school when I tried to turn his mispronunciation of our school name into a joke – – in front of the entire student body.

– Being paralyzed by an overwhelming mental blankness when a Wesleyan board member, a dear old man in his 70s bearing an amazing resemblance to Ichabod Crane, stalked up to my table and asked me without any preamble: “Who is the most famous person connected with your school?” My initial response? Uhhhhh…

Yes. All of that really happened. And in less than 24 hours nonetheless.

On the other hand, some of the Rather Great Moments that Took Place As Well: P9291804

– Actually making it to the second school (the one I missed my appointment at because of the first school) later in the afternoon to drop off literature only to be effusively welcomed by a Houghton alum.

– Receiving a phone call from one of my best friends just as I was about to burst into tears in a high school parking lot in the middle of podunk northern Colorado.

– Having time to bop over to the Wesleyan church in Greeley to surprise my dear friend Emily’s mom for about twenty minutes before returning to Loveland.

– Meeting one of my prospies whom I’ve been emailing with lately for the first time – – and discovering that she submitted her application in time for our EAA deadline. O and did I mentioned that we’re currently her first choice? YES. (Note: this is not a gloating moment; rather, a surprising but overall glorious one).

– Time to enjoy a free dinner (one that included some of the best homemade corn chips I’ve ever tasted, I might add) and make some new friends from Nebraska, Oregon, California, Illinois and Oklahoma.

– Enjoying two very different but equally meaningful conversations with students at the college fair tonight that a) lasted for longer than seven minutes and b) went significantly deeper than the obligatory major-related, financial-aid-driven conversation that often takes place at these events.

– Discovering that Sara Watkins, formerly of Nickel Creek, recently came out with her first solo album (

– Being able to check into my hotel tonight before 11.30 p.m. – – seriously? Highlight of the day. High. Light.

Friends, I hope your day was slightly less rollercoaster-ish
but equally satisfying by the end.

Photo of the Day


Only the largest seed-pod I have ever seen
(which means it’s probably a transplant from Texas…)
in Loveland, Colorado.


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