Day 16: Raton, New Mexico & Colorado Springs, Colorado.

29 September, 2009 § Leave a comment

Photo of the Day

Crossing over the border, US-style,
from southern Colorado into New Mexico – –
my first time to that enchanted state!

Two of my high school visits scheduled for this morning fell through and so I had an unexpectedly empty morning laying out in promise before me. Since New Mexico, a previously unvisited state by this eager traveler, awaited a mere matter of miles away, I heeded the wanderlust call and did a little roadtripping down south until around lunch-time.  (PS: Jess, this photo is in honor of you, the best student intern that ever was. Don’t say I don’t do what I can for the ones I love!)

All road-tripping joys aside (…seriously, the euphoria I gain from crossing newly explored states off my slowly but steadily dwindling list of those remaining is inexplicable yet o so wonderful), today was an excellent day.  I wasn’t quite sure how this week of recruiting was going to go, especially since we’ve not really done that much active recruiting in the West before, but I’ve not only met at least three students so far for whom Houghton is their first choice but also was able to talk to the parents of one of my top prospects  at the college fair tonight for close to thirty minutes. If the rest of the week continues in the same vein, this trip can proudly be dubbed “successful.”


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