Update in True Haiku Form.

28 September, 2009 § Leave a comment

Tuesday Last: South Weymouth, West Peabody & Mattapan (downtown Boston)

After visiting
High schools, went market-searching
… Only found deli.

(After the NACCAP fair in the morning and an individual high school visit in the afternoon, I met up with several different reps in the evening. Cornerstone, Crandall, Eastern, Nyack and myself all piled into Crandall’s crazy SUV and embarked upon a rather epic search for the well-known, quaint locale of Quincy Market in central Boston. Please imagine the hilarity that ensued when our GPS, instead, took us to a little suburb well outside of Boston where we pulled up in front of a run-down, neon-sign lit establishment proudly bearing the name “Quincy Market Deli.” O well – – better luck next time!)

Wednesday Last: Lexington, Lowell & Whitinsville

Long-haired, uniformed
Youth loitering in hallway:
“You have awesome shirts!”

(At one of my afternoon high school visits where the guidance counselor had me set up a table in the middle of the hallway outside of the senior high classrooms – – always a mildly awkward prospect, may I just add – – a student in classic soccer uniform approached me nonchantly, told me all of the reasons why another (unnamed Christian liberal arts) college was his top pick… and then proceeded to beam cheekily at me and conclude by saying, “But you have really awesome t-shirts! So Houghton is still on my list.” Awesome. I knew they were good for something).

Thursday Last: Northbridge, Norton, Albany & Houghton

Started day with trip
To ER; she is okay!
And then home, sweet home.

(Through a rather crazy series of events, I ended up taking one of my best friend’s moms to the hospital early Thursday morning as she was demonstrating all the symptoms of severe heart distress – – thankfully she was able to be admitted right away and was in excellent hands there. Although that was a somewhat unfortunate note on which to end my time with her, I was so glad that she didn’t have to be there alone and her best friend showed up right as I needed to leave for my last high school visit of the New England season.  Following that visit – – which was absolutely wonderful, by the way, and included an in-person demonstration of my prospie’s senior art project, a series of 3-D, paper-mache and fabric dolls, life-size, sprinkled throughout the high school hallways – – I drove another eight hours or so, stopped for a quick bite of lunch on the outskirts of Albany, and then arrived back in Houghton later that evening. After putting over 3,100+ miles on the car and traversing 6 different states, the familiar sight of my own dishes, my beloved coffee-maker and even my deflated pillow was a joyous one).

Friday & Saturday: Houghton & Higgins

So much to do! And
so little time – – but I think
I was successful.

(Friday and Saturday involved a good deal of running around the office and the neighborhood as I tried to get caught up on all the emails and voicemails that had fallen through the cracks during the previous two weeks, drop off the malaria and typhoid vaccines at the pharmacy for the upcoming Africa trip, clean out Soren the Grey for the next driver, do two loads worth of laundry, unpack my travel case and suitcase and then repack them both, finish reserving the hotels and cars for the next two weeks of travel in Colorado and Illinois, have dinner with dear friends, clean my house which somehow accumulated dirt even though no one was in it, give three interviews, attend a wedding and host an out-of-town guest! Phew. It makes me slightly breathless even now, just reliving all of that. But all’s well that ends well and I think everything was accomplished that needed to be; at least, that is the hope).

Sunday: Buffalo, Atlanta, Denver & CO Springs

Airports were made for
People-watching – – I know it.
So I did. Watch. Good.

(Bright and early Sunday morning, my dear friend Ailie was so kind as to drop me off at the airport in Buffalo and I spent the majority of the day yesterday shuttling from terminal to terminal, state to state, and location to location. For some reason, every time I fly Northwest to Colorado, they reroute to Atlanta first before continuing on to Denver which seems somewhat illogical to me but – – I don’t question, I just sit. By the time the layover in Atlanta was complete, including having the gate change twice and needing to run through two different terminals to make my connecting flight on time, the flight to Denver was over and the car ride to Colorado Springs was complete, I think I had been traveling for close to 14 hours yesterday. Thankfully, I love it all, and took good advantage of all the people-watching afforded to me… particularly the clusters of football enthusiasts dotting the waiting areas in all three airports as they circled around the overscreen TVs to cheer on their favorite team. Still. Falling into that hotel bed last night was definitely the highlight of my day, I’m not gonna lie. Also, a small but profound joy: last night’s hotel was the same one I stayed in when I came out here last time. Yes, continuity!)

Now I will be in Colorado for the rest of the week, recruiting at various high schools and attending a swing of YFC-sponsored college fairs, before flying out to Chicago on Saturday where I will spend four days doing more of the same.

My first observation from Monday so far? They just don’t make mountains out east like they do out west. If possible, I am even more enamored than I was last time I was here. Westward ho, friends! And with that, I’m off to go share the good news about a liberal arts education with the masses of Colorado youth. Tune in next time for more photos and stories from the road.


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