Day 12: Nashua, Manchester, Merrimack & Milford, NH. (Note: yes. All of those M’s really happened…)

22 September, 2009 § Leave a comment

Today was apparently a day for visiting cities
that began with the letter -M. What can I say?
I’m an English major. (Was, am – – whatever).
I gravitate towards alliteration and all other forms
of metaphor, metonymy and synecdoche.

Deal with it.

By far, the highlight of today, apart from several extraordinarily
fruitful high school visits and college fairs (one in the morning
bracketed by one later in the evening), was being privy
to a Very Intense, Very Soulfelt, Rather Histronic Tete-a-Tete
amongst four high school senior girls in a Panera this afternoon.
Yes, myself and every other poor soul within a ten-yard radius. I’m not
quite sure if the business man on my right and the grandfatherly figure
in front of me were as amused as I was but – – o well. What can you do?

One does not readily sacrifice the joys of
free wi-fi and comfortable seating during the lunch hour at Panera.

Anyways, I only wish I had a tape-recorder hidden in my voluminous
catch-all green bag.  Alas, instead of handy-dandy eavesdropping devices,
 it merely housed a laptop, a binder,
a receipt organizer, a wallet, a calendar, a pair of headphones,
seven pens, two highlighters, a Bluetooth, a mini clipboard,
a stack of sticky notes, a legal pad and my current read.
Maybe next time I’ll think ahead a bit better…

I diverge. These girls were apparently talking through the issues involved
when, “like, other people look at us, like, having fun and joking around
and, like, being so, like, well – – you know? Popular!”

Tears were present in all four at various stages of the conversation,
as were an unbelievable amount of
quivering voices, flushed faces and gratuitous superlatives.

The ending note? I kid you not:
“I just, like, wish we could all be, like,
friends… forever!”

O, high school friendships and girl-phoria;
I do not rue the day you ended.

Photo of the Day

The leaves really are beginning to metamorphise,
a discovery well-displayed throughout central New Hampshire.

Tomorrow: on to Boston! And here’s to hoping I manage
to evade Roxbury, only the shadiest neighborhood in the city;
a repeat performance of the white-knuckled detour
I inadvertently embarked upon last year is definitely not desired.


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