Days 8 & 9: Farewell, Maine… Hey-O, New Hampshire (!)

18 September, 2009 § Leave a comment

With Love from Maine

… Believe it or not,
most of my time in Maine has
not been
on or near a body of water; I guess
I just gravitate towards
using liquid masses as photographic material.

Seriously, slowest fair of our lives
took place last night – – I think I spoke to
a total of about fifteen kids during the two
and a half hours we manned our tables.
Of those, probably only one or two
were actually interested in college (period),
let alone in the institution I was representing.
Those scenarios are always a bit frustrating
because it represents not just a slow night
but an inefficient use of time, money
and gas as well. O well. Roll on, rolling buddy.

On a more upbeat note,
Tim, our genial guidance counselor friend,
brought all of the college reps
bags of fresh locally-grown apples
and the first bite of that tart Gala made
the rest of the evening (almost) all worthwhile.

P9151163Around 8.45 last night, once the last business
card had been exchanged and the final student
conversed with, I loaded Soren the Gray
back up with posters, reply cards, profile sheets,
catalogues and the like – – not to mention
my overflowing crate of heels, extra books (for me,
not for the job) and music – – and hit the road
for another two and a half hours
as I circumnavigated the winding, twisting
night-time roads of podunk Maine to
destination numero dos:
southern New Hampshire.

Maine, I will never forget this,
my first time visiting you with your fir-covered mountains,
your serpentine coasts with lichen-bedecked
boulders and your elusive promises of antlered-creatures.

Five and a half all too short hours of sleep later,
I reluctantly peeled my heavy eyelids open this morning
at the strident tones of my cell alarm sounding in my ear
and stumbled across the ridiculously luxuriant hotel room
I somehow managed to snag for an equally
unbelievably decent price at the last minute.
(Isn’t it ironic how the nicest hotels are
often the ones we stay in for the shortest amount of time?)
(In fact, in general, isn’t it ironic – – insert twisted, sadistic
or other appropriate superlatives here – – how much
cash we’re willing to dole out for, what, an
average of seven or eight stationary hours at most?
o, the American dream on an entrepreneurial high
with a little bit of workaholicism thrown in for good measure
is a scary beast to be sure…)

The rest of this day has contained a surprising amountP9151159
of wonderfully productive and hopefully rewarding
high school visits with students and counselors
alike throughout the greater
southern and central portions of the state;
as a side-note, today also marked my eighth consecutive
day on the road and brought Soren’s mileage tally
up over 2,000 – – which was my initial goal
for the first two weeks of travel. Huh.
I see a little re-evaluation is in order.

With that, I’m off to pull on a pair of well-loved,
rather recently neglected jeans, finish responding to
the last of the 40+ some emails that have been stockpiling
in my Inbox all week and then veg out for the rest of the evening
– – I had thought at one point about spending the next hour or so
pulling everything out from the back of my car
where various and sundry items have been thrown
with increasing lack of organization
over the past several days and returning it to
a proper level of neatness – – but I believe I shall be
settling for a tasty dinner of day-old chana masala and
a nose buried in my current self-indulgent read instead.
Happy Friday, all!

Most Hilarious Exchange of the Month Award Goes To:
Joe C., Guidance Counselor at
(Name Removed for Anonymity’s Sake) High School!

Guidance Counselor at Large Public High School:
“So… you’re a, err, umm, well, Christian school?”
Me (a little amused already):
“You got it, Joe.”
Guidance Counselor
(clearly grappling with follow-up comment
Guidance Counselor (in a burst):
“Does that mean you offer masters programs in, uhh,
becoming… well, you know – – a priest?”

Photo of the Day
Necessary dinner-time accoutrements
at Sea Dog Brewery & Restaurant in South Portland, ME.


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