Days 5 & 6: Houlton, Patten, Acadia, South Portland & Cape Elizabeth.

17 September, 2009 § Leave a comment

A blur. Driving up to Houlton in the early morning fog,
arriving in the town only a mere matter of  miles
from the New Brunswick border, introduced me to one of my
favorite stretches of Maine landscape I’ve seen yet.


Despite the fact that the 110+ mile trip up
and then back again included more four-legged habitation
than the two-legged variety:
still no moose sightings.
This is, I would like to point out, contrary to promises
I’ve received from more than one Mainard.
Wish you weren’t a liar…
Please know that I’ve not yet given up hope;
I just wanted to point out the fact that I have officially
traveled to the very northern reaches of northern
Maine and back without spotting even the white hoof
of this elusive creature.


(The kids in Houlton were pretty awesome,
by the way, and more than compensated for the lack of
large animals in my life right now).

I also went to a school close to Acadia National Park in the
afternoon where I had a first: loitering in the hallway
outside of the classrooms without a table or even a chair
to fill up the empty space while I waited for kids to exit
study hall during their last period of the day.
Can you spell c-r-e-e-p-e-r? Yes.  Four letters,
beginning with “K” and ending in “-ate.”
“Kids, I promise, your principal told me to come lurk here!”
O well. When they say, maybe you could do this? I do it.

Started off rather rockily at 6.40 in the morning
with a crisp white parking ticket tucked
underneath my window wiper (what? no parking
on the right-hand side of the street on Tuesdays
and Fridays? What sort of joint is this city, anyway?)
and then continued somewhat downhill when I went to
enter a plaza with a coffee shop several buildings away
and found myself entering the two-lane exit ramp accidentally…

P9161323However, after those initial mishaps,
I was graced with a bit of God this afternoon
in the form of several unexpected free hours spent on the coast
south of Portland while I was in-between high school visits
and the evening college fair.

It was blissful in every way.

When it comes down to it,
I think I just have a mad love affair with all bodies of water…

Best Question of the Week:
Student: Do you guys, like, offer… umm… hockey at your school?
Me: (thinking field versus ice versus floor) What kind?
Student: Umm – – y’know? The, uhh, kind with, like – – well – – like, sticks?

Photo of the Day

P9161330Tenaciously salty barnacles
on the rocky beaches of Two Lights State Park.


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