Days 2 & 3: Portland and Acadia National Park.

14 September, 2009 § Leave a comment


A rather gray, rainy morning good for wet brick sidewalks,P9120848
shivering fingers wrapped around steaming mugs of coffee
and outdoor farmer’s markets – –
complete with violently purple eggplant,
cheerful bunches of nodding sunflowers
and streaming gaggles of Teva-clad, dog-walking,
warm sweater-toting tree-huggers.

Later that afternoon:
exploring Freeport, aka L.L.Bean capital
of the world (!)
… plus a visit to a corner bakery selling
whoopie pies. Whoddathunkit?


P9130914Following a beautifully stirring message on
Luke 14 with ties to Leviticus and Ephesians
for good measure (thank you, Angel Silva),
a drive up to Bangor and then on to Acadia National Park
(circa Ellsworth and Bar Harbor)
was definitely in order.

So far, still no live moosen – –
but plenty of signs on the way
warning of their existence so… I’m hopeful.

Snippet from a Maine Poet:
“The land on whose hills bends the new moon
In air traversed of birds…”

Acadia – –
Home of Red Sand, Granite Cliffs and Giant Fir Trees
… we clambered over lichen-covered boulders
with the beating of the salty waves pounding
out a relentless rhythm to our right and spiky trees
marching out to the horizon on our left.
Pausing for a late afternoon snack:
Blueberries for Sal had nothing on us with our
black picnic bag, overflowing with sourdough
loaf, cheddar chunk and tart berries; water
(no salt) to wash it all down.


Conversation on the Coast:
“Have you ever seen anything like it?”
“… yeah. Me neither.”

Photo of the Day

P9130942Off-roading by foot in the lower hills of
Acadia National Park led here.


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