Day 4: Waterville, Augusta & Bangor.

14 September, 2009 § Leave a comment


Today’s bookmark: first official “full” day of fall travel.

I laugh when I remember the sweaty palms,
garbled mouth and general lack of understanding I had
at this time last year.

I’m also glad there’s been over 365 days of safe distance
contributing to the humor of that memory today.

When I pulled into today’s first school visit, Soren humming merrily
as I wrestled to pull the e-brake
(don’t judge;
it was a steep parking lot and
I didn’t want to pull a Spear)
while also juggling a calendar,
a binder of high school visit information,
two highlighters,
a Nalgene of stale water and my name-tag, P9141117
I heard a voice from behind me:
“Houghton College! No way.”
Turns out, the daughter of this guy
who parked behind in the spot next to mine
almost went to Houghton.

Even though she didn’t
enroll, it was still
like a little piece of home
to hear that enthusiasm in the man’s
elongated vowels.

Seriously? After almost missing the tiny stamp-sized sign
on the sign of the road reading, “Welcome to Augusta,
state capitol,” and circling around three quaint blocks
several different times
as I looked in vain for the down-town area – –
store-fronts, sky-scrapers, traffic or
anything of an urban nature – –
I have come to the conclusion that Maine is
the state of cities that aren’t.

Photo of the Day
Sun-blinded view of Maine’s
state capitol building.

Reunions on the Road:
Guess who should pop around the corner
shortly after I set up in an empty classroom
at my second high school but Jill, one of
last year’s admission counselor friends
from Eastern University – –
neither of us was expecting to see the other
which just made it all the more delightful.

Dinner plans? Yes, please.


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