The Initial Weeding of Project Green Knees

28 May, 2009 § Leave a comment

P5216234Last week, Robin (my partner-in-gardening), Rachel (an impromptu and much welcomed tag-a-long) and myself traipsed up to the garden plots on Tucker Hill Rd to tackle some weeding. Since we are still dipping our toes in the proverbial loam, it was a somewhat ramshackle affair with metal spoons and one Swiss army knife to use as gardening tools but! spirits were high and we prevailed.  By the end of two and a half hours, over 2/3rds of the 20×20 foot plot was successfully devoid of unwelcome foliage and the ground was ready to receive the first installation of seeds.

Today’s project included some further weeding, the makings of an impromptu stone border and the planting of green peppers, golden peppers, sweet peas, carrots, spinach and sunflowers. Thanks to Robin’s ingenuity, we used wooden coffee stirrers from Java to mark our rows – – a tidy but somewhat crooked affair since my spade tended to wander in the freshly turned dirt. The new addition of shiny new silver spades and one sharp trowel was a welcome one, however, and made our time with the earth a much pleasanter occasion.  Unfortunately, our work had to come to a swift conclusion after a mere hour and half since I was needed back in the office but we plan on returning to Green Knees sometime tonight or tomorrow to tie twine around the various rows of somnolent vegetation.


Highlight of the morning? Genially nodding – – with a stronge sense of proprietary pride, mind you – – to the various farmers and AlleganyP5216237 dwellers passing us on the one-lane road as we knelt in the dirt and dug our grimy fingers with joy into the rich, moist soil. High green grasses, topped by yellow kernels of grain, waved at the lingering rain clouds in the lightening sky overhead; a dog barking across the field, the distant rumbling of a tractor and the sound of sparrows chirping nearby was the only orchestral music needed to keep us company.

Addiction, thy name is gardening!


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