Day of Dooooom.

2 October, 2008 § Leave a comment

Tuesday was a hilariously horrible, no-good, I-wish-I-could-go-back-to-bed kind of a day.  Pretty much everything that could go wrong did go wrong.  Indulge me and I will write you a list so you can fully appreciate my experiences along with me:

1. I locked my hotel key in the room after I ran out to my car to grab my laptop.

2. I got severely lost on my way to the evening fair which was in the heart of down-town Boston, and ended up in a ghetto-fab part of the city where steel-toed boots, sagging jeans, and doo-rags vied with graffiti, missing hub-caps, and broken street-lights for prominence.

3. While attempting to re-route myself in the midst of said city, I almost ran over a very drunk or very high man with a curly white fro, hobbling across a three-lane high way with slow but unhesitating purpose.

4. I accidentally insulted the Vice-President of Enrollment at Gordon by insinuating that he was no longer “young and idealistic” which clearly left him “old and jaded.”

5. I told another admission rep from an unnamed college that I found going to Africa to be the “trendy” thing to do – – less than 15 seconds after he had finished telling me about his brother’s work with the homeless in Kenya.

6. Neither my work credit card nor my personal plastic worked at the Dunkin Donuts I dashed into to grab my first bite of the day, and the machine started beeping furiously at the cashier while she wrestled with my errant cash-in-plastic-form. . . o, and did I mention the long line of stone-faced, overweight, impatient African-Americans towering behind me?

7. BOTH of my meetings with two separate youth pastors fell through despite multiple email exchanges and phone-tags with the two of them.

8. I only got about 5 hours of sleep the night beforehand, so I woke up with black shadows under my eyes that made me look like I was back in college during finals week.

9. A junior in high school tried to hit on me at the morning NACCAP fair in Gordon – – in front of his dad! Can you say eeeww?

10. I thought I lost my reply cards from the past three days of fairs, high school visits and youth pastor conversations, and gave myself paper-cuts on my index finger, ring finger, and pinky on my right hand while frantically digging through my travel-case in a frenzied attempt to locate them… only to find them several minutes later (not to mention three inches of skin less) where I had last left them: in the front pocket of the case.

Ahhh… I love my life.



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