Time Travel, What?

27 September, 2008 § 1 Comment

There’s nothing like starting a day off by running around like a crazy woman – – you know, taking a furious shower, barely pausing to scrub the teeth, throwing things in the suitcase – – only to glance at the computer, do a classic double-take and realize that the alarm clock was somehow set an hour earlier than the actual time.  So now I find myself woefully awake since 5.45 rather than 6.45, and, I’m not going to lie, I am mourning that lost hour of sleep.

In other news, dear friends, I not only survived my first Official Day on the Road, but I was loving it by the end.  If I were to be completely honest, I would admit that I was past the stomach-in-knots stage to the maybe-I-should-pull-over-and-puke-in-the-bushes stage yesterday morning when I headed out to my first school… however, forty-five minutes later, and a blur of conversation about academic excellence, financial aid, and (somehow) the Amish, I found myself back in the car, wondering what I had been so nervous about to begin with.  The day just flew from there, and included:
– another morning visit to a public school (I could hear my shoes squelching as I walked down the hallway – – awkward),
– a lunch-time visit where I amused myself by plotting out the primordial moves of the youth around me (and had some excellent conversations with seniors that wandered by),
– a fairly slow two hours of college fair activity where I made more friends with other counselors than I did with prospies,
– a wonderful visit with two of the youth pastors from a mega-church, Kentwood Community, who pretty much love us already,
– a delicious dinner at Chili’s with a new-found friend from Bethel,
– and a hopping time in the evening back at the college fair again.

Anyways, I should mosey on out to start off today so I don’t end up late after all… eastern Michigan awaits!


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