Burning Questions? Maybe.

8 September, 2008 § Leave a comment

These are the questions that prompted me to roll over and start scribbling in my favorite pressed-paper, ribbon-bound journal around 1.30 in the morning last night.  Some of them are goofy and others have been weighing on me long enough that I know to take them seriously. Are they burning questions? Maybe that’s a little too hyperbolic. But they’re questions nonetheless.

Some of the Things I Want To Know:

– Why do all boys born in the United States have to be circumcised?
– Who first named colors?
– How do fax machines work, anyway?
– Is kissing really that enjoyable?
– Which is the greater amount in the world today, wealth or debt?
– Weenus…? (Really, do I need to add anything else to that one?)
– Where does the water in my kitchen sink disappear to every night? And how does the water in my bathroom defy gravity and come up the walls and out of the tub’s faucet every morning?
– Does God ever change His mind?
– Who was the first person to decide that girls should shave their legs and men should shave their faces?
– What would the world look like through someone else’s eyes?
– Why are groceries so darn expensive?
– Why don’t babies remember their time in utero?
– Was Michel Foucault a genius or just a very lucky man?

I’m just wondering.



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